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I teach runners how to properly fuel their bodies and their minds so they can get leaner and stronger and run faster and longer than they ever thought possible.


Running Lean for Life

If you’re a runner and you’ve been struggling to lose weight…

Or you keep losing and gaining the same 10 lbs over and over again…

Or you’re finally ready to get to your natural weight and stay there for good this time…

Then I have something you will LOVE!

I’ve created a powerful NEW training just for you called Running Lean for Life.

You’ll learn exactly how to transform yourself into a lean, fat-burning, running machine so you can run without bonking, lose weight without calorie-counting, and develop the habits required to make it last for life.

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Running Lean Podcast

Running Lean is hosted by Patrick McGilvray - Sports Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Master Life & Success Coach, experienced marathoner and ultrarunner, and The Weight Loss Coach for Runners.

Patrick helps runners properly fuel their bodies and their minds so they can achieve peak performance and optimal health and fitness.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger, run faster or further, or improve your mindset, you'll learn it all in this informative, inspirational weekly podcast.

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About Patrick McGilvray

Patrick McGilvray is a seasoned marathoner and ultrarunner, Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, Master Life & Success Coach, The Weight Loss Coach for Runners, and host of the popular Running Lean podcast. He's an experienced health and fitness expert and teaches runners how to properly fuel their minds and bodies so they can become the badass runners they were meant to be.


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Eliminate Pre-Race Nerves and Anxiety Easily, Effortlessly, and Permanently

In this short video training, I teach you a simple technique to eliminate those pre-race nerves that always seem to crop up before an event.

You'll be able to use this any time you feel those anxious feelings welling up inside - before a big race, a tough training run, or any other time you feel anxious or nervous.

It works quickly, it only takes a few moments, and once you learn it, you can use it for a lifetime!