What does coaching look like?

In this short video, I explain what personal coaching looks like, what results you can expect, and what you need to do to get started.


Running Lean Coaching

Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Strength and Fitness Coaching for Runners

Get leaner, get stronger, run faster, and run longer.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You work out every day and you don't lose weight.
  • You train for a marathon and actually GAIN weight.
  • You track all your food, count all your calories and you're STILL overweight.
  • You feel like you’re on the weight loss rollercoaster.
  • Your clothes don’t fit anymore.
  • You don't like that person in the mirror.
  • You feel so out of control sometimes.
  • You keep going back to your old ways.
  • You feel like a failure.
  • You know you're capable but you don’t know what to do.
  • You wish you were setting a better example for your loved ones.
  • You're finally ready to be done with all of the struggling.

The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t lack willpower or self-control. You’re not a failure.

You’ve just been given a lot of bad advice.


I know what it feels like because I've been there.. and I struggled for years.

I tried every diet you can imagine and nothing ever worked long-term.

And all these diets had one thing in common - they all said I should Eat Less and Run More.

The more I ran and the less I ate, the more miserable I was... and the harder it was to lose weight. I was just HUNGRY all the time!

This approach clearly does not work.

You can’t “outrun” a bad diet.

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Here are some of the results you can expect from Personal Weight Loss Coaching for Runners:

  • You will learn how to become a fully fat-adapted runner.
  • You will run without relying on all the sugar and carbs that cause insidious weight gain.
  • You will learn how to choose foods that fuel your specific body type and running needs.
  • You will develop a whole new attitude and relationship around food.
  • You will no learn how to eliminate all those urges and desires for unhealthy food.
  • You will learn how to choose foods that keep you feeling more satisfied and for longer.

You will learn exactly how to become a lean, fat-burning  running machine.




When you make this investment into yourself, you get 3 full months of one-on-one coaching with Licensed Sports Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Weight Loss Coach for Runners Patrick McGilvray.

Patrick will help you:

  • Break the addiction to sugar and refined carbs so you can start burning fat
  • Become a fat-adapted athlete, capable of running farther than you ever thought possible
  • Drop the excess weight you’re carrying so you can start running easier and faster
  • Develop your own nutrition plan that includes foods you love to eat
  • Fine-tune your nutrition plan until you reach your exact goal weight
  • Eliminate the need for all those sugary gels that cause unwanted GI distress
  • Learn how to fuel your long runs to optimize endurance so you'll never hit the wall again

You will learn exactly how to become a lean, fat-burning, running machine!

Your personal coaching relationship with Patrick will give you:

  • The help and guidance you need to work through every obstacle you encounter
  • A step-by-step action plan that will get you to your goals
  • Accountability for all of your actions and all of your results
  • The motivation you need to keep you moving toward your goals
  • Tools and skills to help you improve every aspect of your life

You can absolutely get to your ideal weight, however daunting that may feel to you right now.

You just need the right someone to show you exactly how to do it.

Imagine how much easier eating healthy and losing weight will be when you have someone right there with you - showing you exactly what to do and holding you accountable.

3 months from now, you’ll wish you would have started today.

Apply for one-on-one nutrition and weight loss coaching with me today.

Get leaner and stronger so you can run faster and run longer than you ever thought possible.

The time for action is NOW.


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"This program has helped me break through those limiting thoughts and take control over my life."


“Before finding Patrick I was not in a good place – I was struggling mentally, drinking alcohol and eating garbage. I felt like other women were faster and stronger than I was.

This program has helped me break through those limiting thoughts and take control over my life. I started eating real food and lifting weights. I have become more determined overall, I’m a stronger runner, I’m 20 pounds lighter, I ran a 50K, and I even did an Ultra Ragnar!

Trusting the process and gaining the confidence to keep moving forward helped turn this into a lifestyle change. I now have goals that I feel I can meet and feeling weak is in the past! I feel physically and mentally stronger than ever. You are one in a million and you changed my life!”


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Your Coach

My name is Patrick McGilvray and I'm a seasoned marathoner and ultrarunner, NASN Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist, NASN Certified Personal Trainer, UESCA Certified Running Coach, Master Life & Success Coach, The Weight Loss Coach for Runners, and host of the popular Running Lean podcast.

I'm an experienced health and fitness expert and I've helped hundreds of runners just like you to get leaner and stronger so you can become the healthiest and most badass version of yourself yet.

Losing weight doesn't have to be a constant struggle. You can change your diet and create new habits without all the suffering. You can lose weight without losing your mind.


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"I have a completely different mindset about everything in my life. This whole process has been transformational!"


“Before I started the Running Lean program with Patrick, I struggled with consistency and commitment. I really just wanted to feel better in my daily life but I couldn’t figure it out myself.

What I thought I needed was a change in my diet, but what I really needed was help understanding how my mindset was affecting me. That’s exactly what I got from coaching with Patrick. I feel completely empowered from this program and the self-confidence I’ve gained has cascaded into many other aspects of my life.

I’m excelling at work, I’m a better spouse and parent, and I’m fully committed to being the healthiest version of myself. I have more clarity and I feel more engaged with the world around me. I have a completely different mindset about everything in my life. This whole process has been transformational!”


Apply For Coaching

This transformational coaching program is not for everyone.

It's not about a quick "fix". I only work with people who are serious about making permanent changes to their health and fitness.

If you are open to new ideas and new ways of doing things, then this might be a good fit for you.

If you are the kind of person who takes responsibility for your own results, then coaching is a great option for you.

If you are finally ready to transform your body (and your mind) for good, then this is definitely right for you.

If this sounds like you, then you need to apply for coaching now!