Running Lean for Life

How to transform yourself into a lean, fat-burning, running machine so you can run without bonking, lose weight without calorie-counting, and develop the habits required to make it last for life.


FACT: ‘Run more and eat less’ DOES NOT WORK.

We’ve all been told that we should exercise more and eat less and that this was the only way to lean fitness. The truth is, this has never actually worked!

Decades of scientific research has consistently proven ‘calories in vs. calories out’ to be ineffective. This is an obsolete approach and it has to be replaced.

In this FREE training you'll discover...

  • Why running more and eating less is a terrible way to try to lose weight, why it doesn’t work long-term, and what you need to do instead
  • How weight gain is actually a problem of hormonal imbalances, not willpower. Your hormones play an important role in whether you are storing fat or burning it, and you need to know how to get those hormones back in balance so you are BURNING fat efficiently.
  • How most fad diets fail because they all just tell you what to eat, they don't tell you how to MAKE IT LAST for life.
  • The most powerful thing I have ever done for my own health and fitness that really changed everything for me...and it’s something that you can do too.

Most'll learn the 6 steps required to turn your body into an efficient fat-burning machine!

I promise you’re going to learn a lot here, and it might even open your eyes to some other ways of doing things that might go against everything you thought you knew about diet, exercise, and weight loss.

You'll learn exactly what it takes to get yourself running lean for life.
(Spoiler alert: it’s not counting calories or running 20 miles a day!)


Presented By Patrick McGilvray

Patrick McGilvray is a seasoned marathoner and ultrarunner, NASN Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist, NASN Certified Personal Trainer, UESCA Certified Running Coach, Master Life & Success Coach, The Weight Loss Coach for Runners, and host of the popular Running Lean podcast. He's an experienced health and fitness expert who teaches runners like you how to properly fuel your body and your mind so you can become the healthiest and most badass version of yourself yet.


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